The Next Innovation Paradigm

In days in which society faces various challenges and the ecosystem is under enormous pressure we need to rethink the innovation paradigm. I am convinced that a collaborative approach – with business, society and the ecosystem as partners – can help us to better understand and design the impacts of innovations.


Benefits of applying the Common Peak approach


Karsten Bolz

Karsten Bolz

With a background in business, economics and engineering I explore ways of how innovation can serve society and the environment. Driven by this vision I am researching the concept of responsible innovation in the context of entrepreneurship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). At KIT I also co-organize public events on controversies of technologies. In addition I participated in various stakeholder workshops which addressed questions on impacts of innovation and design principles.

Furthermore, I am an external research affiliate at the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre based at Massey University in Auckland. I have been awarded for excellence in case studies on responsible innovation by two EU-projects.

With experiences in various methods such as design thinking as well as insights on technology trends I can help you to explore the full potential of your products and services and increase your impact. Contact me.

Karsten Bolz


Common Peak approach

The Common Peak Approach

Common Peak stands for a common goal: To collaboratively ascend the peak of responsible innovation. Societal and environmental challenges become increasingly important in the business world. It is not enough to address these issues exclusively by satellite activities such as CSR. They need to become an intrinsic part of products and services.

Contact me, challenge your business model and learn how to integrate societal and environmental issues into your innovation strategy. Design your products and services to contribute to their solution. Make your business ready for the future of how innovation is done and discover societal and environmental challenges as your next business opportunity.

Follow the Common Peak approach and let us together learn more about your status quo, rethink your innovation strategy and explore the next innovation paradigm.



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